bathroom remodeling

For remodeling your master bathroom one needs to pay heed too many things at the same time. This is a very challenging task yet it is required and it gets interesting as you move ahead with the whole process. 

Let’s browse the 12 tips when someone is looking for the re-modeling for the bathroom-

Tip #1: Your research must be thorough 

One should be looking for many resources to get their information and do a well and through research. The resources such as home improvement television shows, websites and the showrooms specializing in the bathrooms and kitchens. Once done with the research and information gathering, then segregate the samples, researched the maintenance and take total care of the different types of materials, read tons of reviews too and then conduct price comparisons.  

Tip #2: One should participate in the process of re-modelling

The professionals who are really concerned with the herculean tasks such as the painting of the room, installation of the door, painting the door,  trim, base boards, towel bars, the hook and the toilet paper roll holder too. This concerned attitude and the participative work ethic really pays off as everything works out along with your wishes and demands.  The re-modeling crew also makes the people learn many different things about the work. 

Tip #3: One should be using the elevation diagrams

Once the person reviews the potential floor plan options with the lead contractor, then one should make use of the elevation diagrams.  This allows one to re-image the space as well as communicate what the person has planned for their bathroom to look like.

Tip #4: One should be using ‘inches’ and not ‘feet’ as the measure

When one is discussing the details of the design, they should be using “inches” as the measure and not ‘feet’. At the tile showroom, the salesperson should be referring to the measurements as 12″ by 24″ tiles opposed to the 1′ by 2′ tiles.  

Tip #5: Always plan for the contingencies and have back-up plans

One should be in stock with the required essentials for re-modelling the bathroom. Thus, the contingency planning and having some back up plans is very necessary.

Tip #6: The diagrams provide the direction

 By including the proper and exact measurements and the placement of the elements in the room, the professionals would be able to communicate our expectations effectively and efficiently.

Tip #7: One should be mindful of the re-sale value


The following design decisions should be made to not only meet the current needs but for the resale value as well:

  • The vanity mirrored cabinets which insures the adjustable glass shelving and also were installed at an average height.  
  • The doors of the cabinets open in the opposite directions so the site lines of one another were not really obstructing when someone would be getting ready.
  • Adjustable handheld shower head should be installed with its lowest point at the comfortable height

Tip #8: One should design for the easy maintenance 

Serval designs should be made to lessen the money burden-

  • One should design not to have a shower door. Benefit: Less glass to clean there.
  • One should have 12″ x 24″ shower tiles installed, opposed to the smaller tiles. Benefit: Less grout to clean there.
  • The vanity should has two undercount sinks.  Benefit: The Counter tops can easily be wiped down. The Debris can be swept into the sink.
  • The Accent tiles should be installed higher than the height of the shower head wall mount.  Benefit: The Accents tiles in the shower area have little to no contact with the water, which requires minimal cleaning.

Tip #9: Manage the moisture

There is type of half wall, which is completed by a glass wall which doesn’t reach the ceiling.  This design decision is to accommodate for the amount of the steam generated by the shower.

Tip #10: One should be able to move freely

The two angled benches should be intentional in design.  Not only are these things appealing to the eye and also add interest to the space, they also provide more surface area to the floor of the bathroom.  Thus, it prevents the individual in the shower from stubbing their toe.

Tip #11: Plan for the super-sized product

Buying the items in bulk can be an amazing way to save the money.   As the proud warehouse shoppers, the bathroom should be designed such a manner whereby the “his & her” products should be easily accommodated.   

Tip #12: Plan for the routinely problem and other tasks

These herculean and typical tasks should be planned with great ease and comfort. 

Thus, these are the 12 tips for the re-modeling of the bathroom.

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