So many people apologize for not shaving or waxing or showering right before they visit their gynecologist in Arizona, but they really don’t care. Obviously nobody wants you to come in right after you’ve run a marathon, but they really don’t look at anything like that.  Following are 11 more things they want you to know.

1. You know that super weird, embarrassing question that you REALLY don’t want to ask? Just ask it.  Chances are, they know exactly what that bump/rash/smell/discharge actually is and they can deal with it, no problem. They’ve seen and heard everything, so you might as well bring it up if you’re even the least bit concerned.

2. They really want to hear about your sex life.  They don’t need to know everything, but it would be helpful to know if you’re having sex, if your partner has a penis or a vagina, if you’re not sure about your partner’s STI status, if you have multiple partners, etc. This information can help your gynecologist in Arizona give you the testing and treatment you need.

3. And they definitely want to know if sex is uncomfortable or painful. Pain or discomfort during sex could be nothing, but it also could be something — especially if it happens more than once. The thing is, your gynecologist in Arizona can usually help pinpoint whatever the issue is and treat it.

4. Let them know if your period is literal hell, too. They can probably help with that.  Your gynecologist in Arizona knows a thing or two about horrific cramps and bleeding for days, and they can usually help, whether it’s putting you on a certain birth control method or running some tests to see if it’s something more than PMS.

5. They really want you to stop using all those products to clean your vulva. The vagina is self-cleaning, so you really don’t need to be putting anything up there. And when it comes to cleaning the rest of the area, stay away from anything more than a gentle, unscented soap.

6. If there are health issues that run in your family, they want to know that.  More people are talking to their doctors about genetic testing for certain cancers, and that’s definitely something you can bring up. Let them know if one or more relatives have been diagnosed with the same disease or type of cancer, especially breast or ovarian cancers.

7. They can help you find a birth control you actually like — so ask them! Your gynecologist in Arizona knows that not every birth control is right for every person, so the more information you give them about yourself and your life, the better they’ll be at helping you pick one.

8. They really want to see you once a year — even if you don’t need a Pap smear.  A crucial part of the routine gynecological exam is the Pap test, which helps detect any cervical cell changes that may be cancerous or precancerous. You don’t need this test every year, but that doesn’t mean you should skip your appointment entirely.

9. And don’t freak out about an abnormal Pap smear. It might be nothing.

Hearing that your Pap smear found abnormal cells in your cervix can put you in an immediate panic, but try not to jump to the worst-case scenario. This might just mean that you need to repeat the test, or it might involve getting a colposcopy.

10. If you’d like to avoid part of the exam, talk to them about that. Certain aspects of a gynecological exam can be painful or triggering for some people, and your doctor should understand that.

11. Your gynecologist should be someone you actually like and trust, so don’t settle for someone who is just okay.  Gynecological appointments can be intimate and sometimes invasive, so feeling safe and secure with this person is crucial.

When was the last time you saw your gynecologist in Arizona?  If it’s been more than a year – or if you’re experiencing any issues – call our office today to schedule an appointment!

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