Hi there, welcome to my Forex trading site.

Using technical skills I learned over the past few years I created The Forex Guy website with the intention of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other aspiring, and passionate traders.

I then further developed my skills and used them to created the Forex War Room – a private membership area hosting a private chat room, forum, and my popular Forex trading course “The Price Action Protocol”, and much more.

Who is The Forex Guy?

My name is Dale Woods – I am ‘The Forex Guy’.

I am from a city called Wollongong Australia, which is 1 hour south of Sydney.

I first discovered the Forex market back in 2007 when I first clicked on an eToro ad – which is now a very popular Forex broker. There my Forex journey began…

I started off like any Forex trader – overconfident at first (because it looked easy), then became quickly overwhelmed by the complex environment I made for myself.

You see, I was trading using recommended indicators combinations, and chart templates. For me this was quite off putting, as I didn’t really want to sit in front of the computer all day tracking an overbearing amount of data, that was really beyond any persons limits.

Determined to avoid this complication – I started researching trading Forex without indicators and quickly found my place with price action based strategies. This is basically the technique and methodology of making trading decisions from actual price movements on clean, plain price charts.