Womens Mercerized Sock

When cotton is in its natural form, it is shiny. Once it has been harvested, this is no longer the case and it has a dull appearance that begins to look worn when overused. There is a process called mercerization that stops this from happening and allows the fabric to maintain its natural sheen. While you may have never heard of them, womens mercerized socks are becoming more popular than ever before. Here is a look into what the advantages are and how you can get your hands on some.

The Advantages Of Womens Mercerized Socks

One of the main advantages of buying these is the fact that they are soft, sleek and formal enough that they can be worn in a business setting. While traditional cotton socks would not be considered appropriate, these are ideal for showing off your keen fashion sense when it comes to business attire.

Another reason that these are a good idea is because they are light and thin, which will prevent your feet from sweating too much and getting too hot while you are trying to conduct business. It can be hard to speak to a room filled with colleagues and business associates while you ate battling sweaty feet that are gliding around in your shoe.

Caring For Your Socks

Once you make a purchase, you want to do everything you can in order to protect your investment. Mercerized socks are more expensive than their thicker, less sleek counterparts. This means that tossing them in the washing machine and hoping for the best is not the best way to care for them. Keep them in good shape by following this advice:

– Do not wash them with clothing that has zippers or some other hard adornments that can get caught on your socks and cause damage.

– Never use extremely hot water as a means of making sure they are clean. Doing the opposite can significantly reduce the length of time they will last. Try to use water that is no hotter than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Use a detergent that is meant for delicate fibers. Typical detergents are a never a good idea and bleach should NEVER be an option.

– Dry them on a clothesline. Instead of placing them into a very hot dryer that is bound to do a number on the fibers, you should hang them up individually. This will allow them to dry without sustaining any damage.

Be Creative

Just because these socks are meant for business, this does not mean that you have to stick to mundane colors when making a selection. Being creative with it will let people know that there is a lighter side to you. Wild colors and quirky patterns can show off an easygoing personality that many do not see outside of work. Keep in mind that you should choose something that is creative and playful without compromising your professionalism.

If you are a business woman and you want to feel and look your best when you are at work, you should consider adding one or more pairs of these to your wardrobe. They may be a bit costly, but the benefits you get in return make them more than worth the investment.

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