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Honeycomb Style Blinds are also known as cellular shades or cellular blinds. They are named such because of the honeycomb-like cells that they are made up of. Each of these blinds may have dozens of these cells depending on what type you choose.

The honeycomb-like cells are not just for show. These cells are great insulation for heat. They also filter out the noise so they are capable of making rooms a tad quieter. You can’t just randomly pick out honeycomb blinds for your room. You will need to take a few factors into consideration when choosing your blinds.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Honeycomb Style Blinds for Your Home

There are some factors to think about if you are thinking of having these blinds installed. Here are 5 factors to consider if you want these blinds in your home.

1. Number of cell layers
Each of the shades that you will purchase will have a set number of cell layers. This will correspond with the cell thickness of the screens. This can range from one to three cells per layer. The lower the number of cells, the less insulation the blinds will provide. For homes in colder climates, a higher number of cells is preferred. The coldest climates will want three-layer cells.

2. Size of each individual cell
The cells are classified into small, medium, and large cells. Each of these sizes has a corresponding number representing a fraction of an inch. The size of each individual cell affects how snug it will look when placed against a window. This also affects the thickness of the entire blinds.

3. The size of the window in question
Larger cells are generally a better fit for large windows whereas smaller cells are for smaller windows. This is important to note because using the inappropriate size for a large window can lead to heavy honeycomb style blinds. Make sure that the final product fits the window snugly. This is to make sure that the room is adequately insulated.

4. Material that the blinds are made of
There is a wide variety of materials that can be used for honeycomb style blinds. Some are made of fabrics, while others are made of a plastic-like material. This affects how you will clean your screens, so make sure you take this into account.

5. Design of the blinds
Finally, make sure that you consider the design of the blinds and how they will fit into the room. Fortunately, these blinds are highly customisable. Finding a design to fit the aesthetic of a room should be no problem.

Have Your Honeycomb Style Blinds Installed Today

These blinds are highly customisable, and will surely fit any room you place them in. Make sure you get a company like Watson that will provide you with high-quality blinds. We are an Australian company based in Canberra that manufactures our products locally, and all our products are safe. Call us at 02 6280 4443 for a free quote today.

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