Before hiring a sexual assault attorney in Kitchener it is important to consider a variety of factors to make sure you have a fair and strongly defended case. In the proceeding section we will uncover 10 critical elements that you need to know.

1) Is the sexual assault attorney’s clients satisfied with his or her performance and the trial result? Moreover, how does the attorney prepare for the trial? A general principle to abide by is to hire an attorney who is a proper fit for you and your needs. During the consultation session ask for quotes or reviews from clients that demonstrate the lawyer’s high performance capability also ask how the lawyer prepares for a typical sexual assault case to gauge their work ethic.

2) What is the sexual assault attorney’s accessibility look like? Are they available 24/7 and can they be contacted on more than one means of communication (i.e. phone, email, social media, texting, WhatsApp etc.). Choosing an attorney who is readily available 24/7 and who also can be contacted via a diverse set of communication means ultimately demonstrates high customer service and passion for each case.

3) Does the attorney begin case preparation during the initial consultation meeting and is this meeting free of charge? If the lawyer begins the prep work very quickly this may indicate a well organized and highly time managed sexual assault attorney, which increases the chances of a well defended case.

4) How is the sexual assault attorney in Kitchener paid for their services? For example, an attorney may offer a flat fee or bill per hour. It would be wise to price shop between various sexual assault attorneys to find the best payment method that fits your needs as a client.

5) Will the attorney involve you in decision-making or are you kept in the dark and in a subordinate role for the sexual assault charge? It is critical you hire a lawyer who will listen to your needs and offer advice for you to make the final decision. If the attorney forces clients to make decisions that stray from the client’s needs, find a new attorney.

6) A sexual assault case is a long process which has severe consequences for the client’s work, education, family and other personal influences, therefore choose an attorney who will take immediate action on the case opposed to one who drags their feet.

7) Does the attorney take their time to strategically approach your case with diligence? One must keep in mind that a more diligent and strategic attorney who is defending the sexual assault case will likely charge more therefore you should choose a lawyer who fits your affordability.

8) Is the sexual assault attorney in Kitchener comfortable in the Kitchener courtroom and well versed with other lawyers and judges? Choosing a lawyer with connections and who is comfortable will likely result in higher confidence and a better overall defense presentation to the judge and jury.

9) How is a client updated on the progress of their sexual assault case in Kitchener? A sexual assault attorney who sets regular meetings with a client to update them on the case rather than through email or a phone call enables the client a more personalized case update.

10) How aggressive is your lawyer in trial? Despite the rules, ethics and proper procedures an attorney must abide by in court, if an attorney knows how to work within those limitations to maximize the defense of your case it will likely mean a more aggressive and successful trial. In conclusion, before hiring a sexual assault attorney in Kitchener it is highly recommended a client searches for an attorney that meets the above key success factors for a strong defense.

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